Carrying out regular periodic checks (at intervals predetermined by the manufacturer) is vital for ensuring the equipment’s efficiency and durability  and the user’s safety.

Inside this site, Climbing Technology’s PPEs have been gathered into categories according to the checks that must be carried out. For each category, an appropriate page has been created, containing the procedure for the periodical control, the supporting photographic documentation and the sheet for check.

The periodical control of PPE is an essential requirement for the maintenance of minimum safety standards and for the risk management.

The periodical check is aimed to:

  • verify that the PPE has not been modified;
  • verify the good condition of the PPE;
  • identify possible damages / defects that could require a further control or cause the discarding of the PPE;
  • prepare and establish a management and periodical revision plan;
  • elaborate in written form all the information regarding each single PPE and its history, including periodical checks.

Attention! Before first use, the owner / user of PPE must fill in the “device identification sheet” when present in the user’s instructions of the same.